Is language limited to physical and verbal interaction? Social media platforms show a huge variety of ways in which people communicate their ideas, by sharing images, symbols, and videos in a virtual space. This confirms shared ideologies and / or philosophies in a new validation system that connects minds worldwide. The internet has taken our use and fascination with still and moving image to an unlimited realm.
Just like logographic systems were the earliest writing systems, we witness how real life becomes a waking dream and all is part of a collective individualistic performance.

In relation to Walter Ong's writings on his concept of secondary orality:
Is it a form of secondary orality to put out cigarette butts on your tongue?


My dreamer is up on Issue II of the online group show #SPAMproject - . . Is it a form secondary orality Mr Walter Ong, to put out cigarette butts on your tongue? #secondaryorality #isms #astridgnosis #A53D

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