Artist Statement

“Violence reacts to the texture of our everyday lives, our everyday ideology. But in the “free world” we hardly speak of the violence implicit in the ideology of “freedom”, the violence involved in maintaining ilusions of order and the rhythms of a destructive and delusional progress. This violence, exceeds any outburst of desperation and attempts to shift the status quo.
In the violence of manipulation, found in propaganda of all sorts for example, concepts are reworded in defense of their contradiction. The success of these, evidences that ignorance and apathy are valuable currency in capitalism, and while we choose to see our problems rooted elsewhere, it is narcissism which has taken over every aspect of our humanity, and this is the sickness and catastrophe of our times.
Speed, repetition and exhaustion are key elements in my work, inspired by the
destructive acceleration of progress in the capitalist mode of production.
Through a staged interactive experience of these, we can possibly recognise ourselves and our realities in its aggressiveness. We can recognise our own potential for chaos and the urgency for change at the cost of the consolation provided by order. Through my work, I often use totalitarian aesthetics as an overidentification with power. While there is a conscious element of sarcasm in this choice, through
overidentification there is not an obvious separation, the line blurs to leave conclusions up to the audience.
Before we see it, we must hear it. I believe that culture speaks volumes of the society that produces it, so I find in my creative process ways to hold a mirror to the catastrophes of society. It’s interesting to me how similar to a ritual, the experience of music in a club can become. Music and performance can lead a journey through extremes where ideas can be challenged and explored, or on the contrary, lead an aesthetic experience of the surface.
I’m personally interested in creating visceral rhythms with an intellectual stimulation. Rather than contributing to the mental withdrawal of a culture of distraction, my shows glorify discomfort as the key to transcendence and the creation of more meaning in life, seeking out paths to our inner fire of potential, this journey is called Gnosis. Rave against the dying of the light”